Property Assets

The main property contains a number of valuable structures and significant industrial assets and infrastructure that may be of interest to future users.

River bulkhead/dock
River bulkhead/dock

Property Improvements:

  • The stately brick generating buildings were constructed in the early 1900s and offer unique architecturally interesting redevelopment opportunities.

    Download the Building Fact Sheet for additional information on the buildings as well as adaptive reuse concepts and rendering.

  • Additional facilities, equipment and infrastructure on the property present opportunities for reuse or economic value in demolition and sale.
  • A 750 l.f. bulkhead along the Niagara River was previously used to off-load bulk shipments delivered by ship or barge.

Industrial Assets

The property features a number of industrial assets that may be of value to future users.

  • A freight rail bulk handling and conveyance system exists onsite, including scales, tipper, underground conveyance system and related infrastructure.
  • Rail spurs formerly served by CSX are located on the main parcel on the eastern side of River Road.
  • An onsite wastewater treatment system was previously used to treat stormwater onsite. System condition and reuse compatibility have not been evaluated.
  • Two storage silos on the property were previously used to store materials associated with the generating station air emission system.
  • A National Grid substation is located adjacent to the main property.
Onsite Rail Assets
Onsite Rail Assets
River water intake
River water intake

Site Utilities

The property is currently serviced by public utilities, including electric, water, sewer and stormwater.  Substantial infrastructure and public utilities currently serve the property.

Water Draw:
The facility maintains a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Water Withdrawal Permit that is transferable to new property owners.

The property maintains a Tonawanda Industrial Sewer Connection permit that is potentially transferable with the property.

The property has an extensive storm sewer system that services the entire site.

Natural Gas: 
High pressure natural gas lines are located nearby.